Petersburg: A Digital Tour

As we have seen in posts to this blog throughout the summer months, the Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry always seemed to on the move during the three months since the start of the siege of Petersburg in June 1864. We tend to think of the Petersburg campaign as limited to The Crater and the other sites we can visit just outside of the city, but the siege lines stretched across about thirty-five miles of southeastern Virginia and it’s to lose track of our little regiment. The following series of maps are portions of one large map of the siege lines from the Library of Congress Digital Map Collection, upon which I have drawn the movements of the regiment from June to September 1864. Union lines are shown in red and the Confederate lines in blue. Here’s the link if you wish to open the original map in a separate window

blg pic 091914 - 1

blg pic 091914 - 2

blg pic 091914 - 3 blg pic 091914 - 4

blg pic 091914 - 5

blg pic 091914 - 6

Compare the 1865 map to a modern day map or Google Earth and you will see just how far the siege lines stretched. The northeastern end of the Confederate lines was close to Richmond International Airport while the southwestern end was south of the Petersburg airport.







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